Friday, March 28, 2014

Thing 7

I have been using Pinterest for some time.  I think it is a great way to save ideas on boards and to see what other people are finding.  I had not used Pinterest for a lot of library ideas but I checked out some of the suggested library boards to follow and now I am hooked on all of the great ideas and lesson plans that are out there.

Thing 6

I tried the CloudOn app to use with my Google Drive account.  I like that I am able to edit and save my Word documents on my Ipad.  I think this app will be very useful.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thing 5

We have used Dragon Dictation with some of the students in our school.  It seems to work okay for those students who have a hard time with the actual writing.  Students seem to like it also.  I downloaded the Remember the Milk app and used it for awhile. I usually use the Notes and Calendar feature on my phone but this seems to have a lot of features that are useful.

Thing 4

I downloaded Flipboard but I don't follow that many blogs or news sites, so I felt like it would not be useful for me. I would prefer to get my content from the websites when I have the time or need to get the information.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thing 3

I downloaded the Google Search app on my phone and plan to download it to my IPad.  I don't use SIRI much on my phone but i might use Google Search.  I like the Google Goggles and I tried it on a few things.  I scanned the bar code on the book Journey and it showed the book but then took me to websites about the band Journey and other things.  I already use the Qrafter app to scan QR codes so I did not try the QR scanner app.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thing 2

I own an I Pad and an I Phone so I was familiar with some of the features of IOS 7. However, there were many things that I was not aware of. I use my camera a lot  and have experimented a little with the different filters, but now I will try using some of the tips that were mentioned. When I shared photos, I would select each photo but now I learned that I can click the select button above a collection of photos to send the whole collection.  Time stamps on text messages was new to me.  I do not use Siri very often, but after seeing some of the features, I might try it more.  I have changed my text to BOLD. I knew that I had the pull down and up menus but really didn't use them.  I am becoming more used to using them when I pull out my phone.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thing 1

This is my first serious attempt at having a blog. So I am excited to get started. This fall, our school purchased Learn Pads for each student. It has provided us with challenges, but teachers and students are learning daily about the educational uses and features that these devices have. I am also excited to learn more about mobile apps as I complete each of the 23 Mobile Things.